This Recipe Infographic How to Make Flavored Pop Beverages at Home

 - Sep 21, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
If you're looking for a refreshing drink to make at home, perhaps this homemade soda chart is just what you need to help you learn how to make flavored pop whenever you'd like. The 'How to Make Homemade Soda Pop' guide is an easy to follow recipe that instructs how to make any soda of your choosing.

While pre-packaged soda traditionally contains a long list of ingredients and a ton of sugar, this recipe only needs three items and a cup of sugar. The soda is made from mixing the sugar in water and adding half a cup of fresh or concentrated fruit juice of your choosing. The mixture is heated over a stove top to create a syrup that can then be added to club soda or sparkling seltzer water.