These Holiday Truffle Cake Pops Recreate Mystical Reindeer Characters

 - Dec 3, 2015
References: pringles & firstwefeast
As the holiday season approaches, baking recipes begin to reference the seasonal characters and figures popularize throughout culture, making these homemade reindeer holiday truffles a perfect dessert to make for the winter. The recipe turns cookies, pretzels and chocolate into adorable edible deers decorated to look like Rudolph.

This cake pop recipe creatively diverges from the traditional ingredients by opting for a cookie dough centre made from sugar, salt, butter and flour. The dough is rolled into balls and then dipped into chocolate to create a hard candy coating. Edible goggly eyes, cinnamon candies and pretzels are added to replicate Rudolph's pointy antlers and quintessential bright red nose. The desserts are placed onto lollipop sticks for convenient snacking that is perfect for parties.