This Infographic Details the History of the Internet

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: avg & infographicsarchive
The history of the Internet is something that often intrigues people. In 2012, the world had over 2.4 billion people using the Internet -- that equals approximately one third of the world's population. And with so many people using this amazing tool, it stands to reason there might be some curiosity about how it became what it is today. This infographic attempts to give us some insight into the Internet's journey.

In 1969 the first connection was made between the University of California Los Angeles and Stanford and Arpanet is born. In 1971 the first ever virus hit. By 1981 IBM launched the first personal computer. In 1990, the first search engine is created by a student known as 'Archie.' By 1998, the Internet had one million users. By 2005, that number ballooned to one billion. The history of the Internet continues to be written as you read this article.