This Charts Visualizes the Extensive History of Plumbing Lucidly

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: plumber24hours
Humans' relationship with water has been through a bumpy road, as can be traced through this visual history of plumbing.

Thanks to Mario, plumbing has been somewhat glorified, however it is generally frowned upon quite unjustly. Water management is one of the most important aspects of civilization and urban planning.

This infographic provides a holistic view of the paths our main living element water had to take to get into our sinks throughout history.

From 10,200 BCE wells to medieval washing baths, water has been managed in a rather manual form. Humans have built their first sewer systems in the 1830s and created our first toilets in 1980. After several attempts of refining out flushing system, we are now at the process of trying to achieve water conservation within our management.