The History of Dubstep Infographic Explores the UK Music Scene

 - Nov 24, 2012
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The History of Dubstep is an intricate infographic which outlines the beginning of the Dubstep music scene in the United Kingdom.

The heavy bass lines of remixed music is an intricate revival of old dark garage music. From the early 90s, the mixing of dark garage music with pop music created a niche of music producers who wanted to hone in on this sound and evolve it even more.
From early 2000 to 2006, DJs and producers began to evolve the Dubstep music scene by creating new beats to enhance the drum and bass lines. They did this by developing the technology used. Soon, DJs began using bigger and better turn tables with more sound effects.

By 2011, Dubstep had become a multi-national language in the world of music and pop culture.