Understand Emerging Patterns and Influences in This Flourishing Culture

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: trendreports
Hip-hop was once a subculture relegated to certain regions in New York City, but now is an expansive movement that touches every corner of the globe. With the Hip-Hop Trend Report, users will gain insight into hip-hop trends that are shaping consumer opinion and revolutionizing industries such as fashion, social media, art and technology.

With its far-reaching influence, hip-hop has managed to permeate a number of industries. Fashion has maintained a long-standing relationship with the movement, as many artists have started their own clothing brands. Social media has created the "rap entrepreneur," a person that has instant access to (potentially) millions of fans. The Hip-Hop Trend Report looks at these examples, along with dozens more, and features 12 PRO Trends including Hip-hopvertising and the Self DJ.