Fra.Biancoshock is at it Again with His Unique Brand of Urban Art

 - Apr 2, 2013
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Fra.Biancoshock’s hilarious graffiti strikes again and no building or street corner is safe. It will either pester you or make you laugh; there is really no in between.

His work has been featured a few times before as he is very prolific with his urban art. His pieces are generally created with outside-the-box thinking and will certainly capture attention.

Admittedly, sometimes his hilarious graffiti goes too far. For instance, his piece that wraps a cop car in caution tap may have been a little much, but he has other harmless work that is worth a good chuckle. My favorite piece has to be his work on the tennis court where he creates chaotic in-play lines. It would be funny to watch the reactions of high-brow tennis players as they are filled with confusion.