BLACKYAK's Designs are Developed and Tested by Mountaineers

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: global.blackyak
Himalayan Original BLACKYAK boasts ultra high performance mountain gear that has been designed and tested by mountaineers since 1973. The South Korean brand has been recently introduced to the North American and European market and its global collection took about two years to develop.

BLACKYAK uses the highest quality materials with respect to the intended instrumentality of the item. The high performance mountain gear is designed to be as lightweight as possible and diverse in functional materials. It also boasts a silhouette and features that are backed-up "by research and testing of ground breaking new material developments and construction techniques."

Each shell or insulated piece on the BLACKYAK website is accompanied by graphs that outline the capabilities -- including water- and windproof scale, weight, durability and breathability, as well as operational area -- from expedition and versatility to freedom of movement of the high performance mountain gear.

Photo Credits: BLACK YAK