The Hide-a-Key Birdhouse by Locker is a Great Place for Emergency Keys

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: amazon & ohgizmo
Finding an ingenious spot to store an emergency house key can be exhaustive, that is unless a person invests in a Hide-a-Key Birdhouse. Instead of using the common doormat or garden gnome to protect the whereabouts of such a door opener, people can simply stash them in an innocent avian abode. A great solution, the floor of the Hide-a-Key Birdhouse opens up to reveal number of hooks for various keys, not just the obvious one. The bottom is easily shut by way of a magnet.

Designed by Looker Inc, the Hide-a-Key Birdhouse is not just a realistic birdhouse, it can easily be used as one especially if emergency keys aren't used on a regular basis. The design is also conveniently forgettable.