This Audrey Hepburn Ad Brings her Digitally Back from the Dead

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: independent & mashable
There's a new Audrey Hepburn ad making the rounds, and the fact that she's been dead since 1993 isn't much of a consideration. Yes, the classic era Hollywood bombshell is back, having been digitally resurrected for this new ad for Galaxy chocolate.

Some purists may balk at the idea of digitally resurrecting a beloved actress to hock chocolate, but even though we’ve got a ghost-schilling chocolate, the Hepburn ad seems to be done with the utmost respect to Hepburn’s legacy. The commercial was made with the written permission of Hepburn’s sons, who own her estate. The commercial takes footage from Hepburn’s ‘Roman Holiday.’

Leaving aside the issue of who knows the likeness rights to dead people, the commercial is a little slice of harmless, good-natured fluff. The Hepburn ad features a young starlet being stranded in traffic on a bus off a beautiful coast line in 1950s. She spots a beautiful stranger in a car, upon which she ditches the bus, gets into the car with the stranger (after stealing the bus driver’s hat), and speeds off into the sunset while enjoying a piece of chocolate.