This Program Summarizes Blog Posts to Help Readers Save Time

 - Oct 11, 2015
References: betalist & betalist
'Sumpost' is a web-based program that helps readers save time by summarizing blog posts and newsletters. With so much actionable content published online, it can be difficult to narrow down the most important information. This service helps consumers and businesses wade through massive amounts of content in order to find the most relevant data.

'Sumpost' operates as a web-based service that provides human-crafted summaries of popular blogs and newsletters. The services can be used by businesses or ordinary consumers to wade through massive amounts of online content. When a user signs up for the service, they must provide the names of the blogs and newsletters they subscribe to. Sumpost will then send daily summaries of the latest posts directly to their inbox.

The service ultimately helps readers save time by highlighting the most relevant pieces of information.