'Helix' by Minchul Kim is Designed to Cleanly Burn Rubber

The two-seat roadster is going to look really, really different in the future if 'Helix' by Minchul Kim is any indication. Helix is a concept car that runs on both wind and electric energy.

Helix gathers its electric power from its regenerative braking system that converts the energy used to brake into stored electricity. Helix's wind energy is collected by the cars built-in turbines that convert air into energy while the car is in motion. Kim's concept seems to be for either race car drivers or hardcore motorists as the car lacks normal creature comforts such as a windshield and doors.

While I don't see this car going into production anytime soon, I do hope that the folks over F1 and the Indy Car racing series are taking a serious look at designs like this (green race cars are the future after all). Imagine how much wind energy could be captured by a car doing 200 mph!