The Healthy Cinnamon Rolls are Vegan and Free of Added or Refined Sugar

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: topwithcinnamon
These healthy cinnamon rolls have no sugar added (or any refined sugar at all), and are made with vegan ingredients. This makes them perfect for people on a limited diet. Created by Izy Hossack at the food blog Topped With Cinnamon, the cinnamon roll recipe also incorporates sweet potato, making them autumnally appropriate as well.

The dough recipe is adapted form Oh, Ladycakes and calls for sweet potato puree, coconut oil or vegetable oil, oat milk (or another non-dairy milk alternative), ground flaxseed, active dried yeast, salt, all-purpose flour and wholemeal flour. The filling calls for yummy ingredients such as medjool dates, sweet potato puree, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, chopped pecans and nut butter (pecan, cashew, almond or coconut will work). The glaze on top of the healthy cinnamon rolls is made out of coconut butter, tapioca starch, vanilla extract and coconut yogurt.