Papa John's Has Introduced New Pizzas for Health-Conscious Consumers

Popular pizza chain 'Papa John's' has introduced a new line of low-calorie pizzas for health-conscious consumers. Many consumers have begun watching what they eat and this often means cutting out high-calorie dishes such as pizza. Papa John's sought to make its iconic pizza more accessible for customers by introducing a line of lighter pizza options.

The new pizza options are called 'Papa's Lighter Choices' and a large slice of pizza from this menu contains 300 calories or less. The pizzas are a lighter option because there is a smaller portion of cheese on top. There are a number of different light pizzas to choose from, including the Mediterranean Veggie, the Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon and the Hawaiian Chicken.

To further accommodate health-conscious consumers, Papa John's has also added a an online calorie counter, which allows customers to figure out the nutritional content of their pizza.