This Color Changing Lamp Resembles a Healing Potion from a Video Game

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: thinkgeek
This lamp isn't actually magical, but its fun color changing effect and healing potion appearance does invoke a certain sense of wonder.

This "LED Potion Desk Lamp' from ThinkGeek is modeled after healing potions found in typical RPG video games. The lamp is made from a cork-topped glass bottle thats been filled with a resin meant to resemble liquid, and is decorated with a unique metal charm. The lamp is also touch sensitive and capable of giving off four different potion colors. The potion lamp can even be set to slowly shuffle through all the different color spectrums available from its LED light.

This healing potion-mimicking light appliance is perfect for any fan of video games, or just anyone looking for a piece of home decor that diverges from the everyday and mundane.