The Cableyoyo Creatively Organizes Headphone Cords to Prevent Tangling

 - Jan 8, 2016
References: bluelounge & thegadgetflow
More often than not headphone cords easily tangle, making a device such as the Cableyoyo management system an ideal solution for keeping earbuds separate and always ready for instant use. The circular device conveniently keeps headphone cords coiled up so that they always remain untangled and can easily be stored away for future use.

It can be frustrating spending time unwinding headphone cables that have become tangled inside pockets, bags or purses -- increasing the time the consumer is waiting to listen to their music. The Cableyoyo is a circular device shaped like a yoyo that can be used to wind up earbud cords onto. This keeps the headphones always tangle-free as the cord remains tightly wound up onto the Cableyoyo. Along with headphones, the Cableyoyo can be used for other small cords.