Hashi by Daniel Matarazzo is a Spoon-Like Chopstick Add-On

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: matarazzodesign & ohgizmo
If you didn't grow up using chopsticks (or perhaps even if you did), you'll be able to appreciate the ease and convenience afforded by Hashi by Daniel Matarazzo. The fictional product is a rubbery spoon attachment that performs three very useful tasks when you're eating Chinese or Japanese cuisine.

With a soup in front of you, you might enjoy the ability to scoop up broth, made simple through the use of your sticks as a utensil handle. You'll notice, however, that when you swing your implement around in the other direction, you'll have yourself a functional set of chopsticks that's held securely together on one end. Awkward fingers will have a much easier time eating with these.

Finally, while waiting for your next course, Hashi by Daniel Matarazzo can be placed on the table to act as a holder for your implements.