These Harry Nesbitt Illustrations are Whimsical & Bizarre

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: harrynesbitt & visualnews
Harry Nesbitt has an eye for clean lines and cute design. Even a quick glance at his illustrations makes this point clear. Harry Nesbitt depicts cartoon characters reminiscent of Japanese kawaii but nonetheless distinct. Still, the cuteness of the characters does not distract from Harry Nesbitt's wry sense of humor.

One illustration features a building with a mouth that functions as a doorway and eyes that serve as windows. Leading into this doorway is a platform, held by what seem to be arms of the building. People walk the platform into the mouth of the building. This sort of dark whimsy seems to be a signature of Harry Nesbitt.

The aforementioned scene also demonstrates Harry Nesbitt's ability to illustrate figures so as to appear as two different things. The artist, no doubt, is talented.