These Plugs Help Users Protect Their Ears from Harmful Sounds

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: & kickstarter
A Swedish design firm has developed a line of reusable earplugs that protect users from harmful sounds. Although earplugs are useful for blocking out environmental noise, they cut the user off from other types of sound as well. These revolutionary earplugs are designed to tune out background noise, while still allowing a user to carry on a normal conversation.

The reusable earplugs are called 'Happy Ears' and are designed to block out harmful sounds yet maintain superb sound quality. While foam-based earplugs block out sounds at all levels, Happy Ears simply eliminates background noise. The idea is to tune out unnecessary audio in order to help the user pay attention to specific sounds. The specially designed earplugs are not only functional but are also comfortable and user-friendly.

Happy Ears is the perfect solution for anyone who often finds themselves struggling to carry out a normal conversation in a noisy environment.