These Pop-Tarts Feature a Frosted Depiction of Star Wars' Han-Solo

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: falcontoys.storenvy & foodiggity
Fans of the Star Wars saga will get a kick out of these breakfast Pop-Tart pastries that cleverly incorporate the infamous scene of Han-Solo frozen in a wall of carbonite by creating a miniature version of the hero frozen in the pastry's sprinkled icing. This is a clever example of transforming a popular pop culture reference into an edible treat.

Falcon Toys recreated this parody Pop Art that mimics the popular Pop-Tarts in aesthetic with a thin vanilla pastry filled with strawberry jam topped with sprinkled white icing. However, these Pop Arts feature a moulding of Han-Solo trapped and frozen in time inside the icing. The detailed depiction of Han-Solo is remarkably realistic capturing every detail from his horrified expression down to the folds in his costume.