Toniiq Lets You Work Hard and Play Harder by Treating the Cause

 - Apr 22, 2014
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Toniiq is the answer to the ineffective and bland hangover treatments available today.

By packing ingredients like caffeine, antacids, and endless gobs of vitamins, these "treatments" are certainly able to tackle the immediate symptoms, but do little to address the underlying metabolic cause. While they might provide momentary relief, they do little to serve as an effective long-term solution that is as deep-rooted as it is potent.

Enter Toniiq.

Toniiq is made exclusively from a single natural ingredient. Our obsessive selection ensures that Toniiq provides exceptional hangover relief. Through genuine passion and relentless formulation, we have meticulously crafted a casual, yet sophisticated solution for young urbanites.

Antioxidants restore the body by increasing the flow of oxygen throughout the body and rejuvenating the body on a cellular level. Triterpenes enhance liver detoxification, stimulate liver cell regeneration and improve overall liver function. Polysaccharides enhance immune function, the body's natural defense system.

Take two black capsules after drinking before bed. Take one additional white capsule in the morning.