Handy Scale by Baek Kil Hyun Makes Packing Easier Without Excess Baggage

 - Apr 30, 2011
References: yankodesign
Easily weigh-in your luggage with this gripping Handy Scale by Baek Kil Hyun, truly a handy design.

While most luggage scales are a separate piece of travelling accessory that can easily get lost, the Handy Scale is implemented right into the suitcases. How efficient and convenient is this concept? I can't believe that other baggages have not incorporated this very helpful and time-saving idea. The Handy Scale is a travelling trunk's handle that has a digital display so when you lift it up, the weight is automatically shown on the screen. Jet setters can pack easily without all the excess baggage that becomes a frustrating workload.

The Handy Scale by Baek Kil Hyun is perfect for smart travelers and every suitcase should implement this digital device right into their bags.