Hands on Search is a 3D Printer for the Visually Impaired

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: medgadget & designtaxi
Yahoo! and a creative agency in Tokyo called Hakuhodo Kettle collaborated to make the amazing ‘Hands on Search.' This device is truly a positive step forward in technology.

As 3D printing is becoming more popular, the possibilities of what can be done seem almost endless. Instead of creating jewelry or shoes, this printer is made with the purpose of making searching online possible for the visually impaired. The printer was brought to the Special Needs Education School in Japan and the kids were thrilled with what it does. Each child got the chance to ask the printer for something like a giraffe or dinosaur and the printer made it in 3D so the kid could feel the shape and create a mental image of what they asked for actually looked like.

The Hands on Search is truly a remarkable tool that will hopefully become accessible to the visually impaired worldwide.