These Handmade Wooden Lamps Have Limbs and Antlers

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: en.pinkoi
Taiwanese designer MoziDozen's handmade wooden lamps are stubby and animalistic -- they are decorated with limbs and antlers that make them animal-like. Both the giraffe lamp and antler lamp mimic the frames of animals, but what makes them adorable and unique is the stubby and toy-like proportions of the wooden design.

Standing on four stubby and rounded wooden limbs, the long-necked lamp resembles a giraffe. Even the electrical plug cable is connected from behind to look like a giraffe's tail. The longer lamp shade faces downwards like the animal's snout, making the lamp's presence feel almost like that of a toy or a pet.

The antler lamp is a cute little box on four short legs, with two screws that accent the box as the eyes. The antlers protect the light bulb that protrudes from the top of the wooden animal's head.