This Handheld Scanner Could Complete the 3D Printing Puzzle

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: gizmodo
The Fuel3D Handheld Scanner is about to make 3D picture printing much easier. This convenient device uses two stereo-mounted cameras and advanced light perception software that can print anything from a video game to a person's face. This allows the handheld scanner to view objects in three dimensions like human eyes do and read depth as well. Best of all, this technology is becoming available for much less money than anything comparable has before.

Currently, the product is in the prototype stage. The Kickstarter project has yet to receive the funding it requires to continue development. Its designers intend the gadget to not only be convenient, but also to be a spark that fuels creativity. The retail price of $1,000 may be steep at present, but considering the possibilities will surely make you see the infinite value of a handheld scanner.