These Urinals Have Built-In Sinks to Encourage Hand Washing Among Men

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: & gadgetreview
This peculiar urinal design from Kaspars Jursons features a built-in sink. The idea behind this interesting design is to encourage hand washing in the men's room. Some men are lazier than others. Walking to a sink ten steps away might seem like a hassle, but this design removes laziness as an excuse for poor hygiene.

This hybrid urinal design is called 'STAND.' The sink sits above the urinal, in a way that sort of separates it from the business end of these bathroom stations. While this is definitely a clever way to encourage hand washing after using the bathroom, it could quickly turn into an unsanitary mess if someone's aim was a little off (which is a real possibility at establishments that serve liquor.)

The STAND urinal design was created to promote sanitary bathroom habits, which is something I can get behind.