This Halloween Mobile App Improves Kids' Vocabulary & Listening Skills

'Peekaboo Trick or Treat with Ed Emberley' is a delightful Halloween mobile app that revolves around adorable Halloween illustrations by Caldecott Medal winner Ed Emberley.

The app encourages kids to learn the names of 14 adorable Halloween characters by 'knocking' on a virtual door and seeing who's behind it. The names of each character are then said and written in the corner to reinforce kids' understanding. Kids are even encouraged to develop their auditory skills by learning the sounds each character makes behind the door and guessing which character is behind the door even before knocking on it.

The characters include werewolves, green monsters, dragons and even parrot-accompanied knife-brandishing pirates.

This Halloween mobile app is a great way to leverage the fun of Halloween to improve kids' vocabulary and listening skills.