Life's Special Moments

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: youtube
Leo Burnett Chicago's new spot "Mother Bird" for Hallmark gives an animated take on the special relationship of a mother and a daughter. The spot starts at birth, showing a bird hatching. Then, the ad goes on to illustrate the nurturing role a mother bird plays as her child grows, providing comfort, food and warmth. At the end of "Mother Bird," a daughter who appears to have just left the nest, receives a greeting card with a heartfelt message from her mother.

Client: Hallmark
Agency: Leo Burnett
ECD: Jeanie Caggiano
CD: Matt Miller, Phil Jungmann
CW: Keenan Pridmore
AD: Jason McKean
Executive Producer: Tom Keramidas
Producer: Bryan Litman
Production Company: The Mill, Gartner Films
Director: Yann Mabille, Jim Gartner (ending)
VFX/SPX: The Mill
Editor: Marc Langley, Matt Wood
Music Company: Big Foote
Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Mill Office (London, NY, LA)
NYExec Producer: Ian Bearce
Producer: Nic Barnes (live action), Boo Wong (post)
Colour Producer: Dee Allen
Shoot Supervisor: Kevin Ives
Creative Director: Yann Mabille
Colourist: Damien Van Der Cruyssen
2D Lead Artists: Corey Brown
3D Lead Artists: Kevin Ives, Vince Baertsoen
2D Artists: Robert Bruce, Iwan Zwarts, Randall Krueger
3D Artists: Jeff Dates, Laurent Makowski, Joshua Merck, Yong Chan Kim, Dave Barosin, Tom Cushwa, Andreas Graichen, Henning Koczy, Jeffrey Lee, Paul Liaw, Ross Scroble, Xuan Seifert, Sandor Toledo, Pete Devlin