Stay Ahead of the Coif Curve with Current Information

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: trendreports
Beauty salons and magazine editorials have re-framed the status of hair care. Technicolor ombre designs and jagged tresses have been assumed by women and men in search of show-stopping looks, taking cues from celebrities and beauty icons. Brazen wigs and eccentric extensions have provided new options for those with short hair, many of which now feature incredible life-like qualities. The Hairstyle Trend Report surveys the scope of these products and undertakings, compiling 60 PRO Trends and over 500 examples of cosmetic enhancements.

Mohawks, blunt bobs and perms are some of the more bold styles initiated by hair experts. The convergence of patterns from past chic decades has brought retro themes to the fore, making these brazen coifs mainstream sightings. Ambitious hairdressers and personal stylists are well-advised to stay ahead of this coif curve, conveniently present in the Hairstyle Trend Report.