Aside from Premium Products, Save Me from Donates to Charity

 - Jun 6, 2019
References: savemefrom
Save Me From makes an effective hair treatment line available to consumers, with each product aiming to address specific damage that individuals are struggling with. The collection boasts a total of six offerings.

While the 'Pollution Assault' is ideal for urban dwellers with flat, dry and brittle hair, the 'Product Overload' combats the damage caused by overuse of hair sprays, dry shampoo, and general styling products. Save Me From also offers the 'Sun + Sweat' treatment which creates relief post workout and excessive sun exposure. Other products in the hair treatment line include the 'Age Acceleration' which combats free radicals, UV rays, and environmental pollutants, the 'Thermal Obsession' for frizzy, heat-damaged hair and split ends, and finally the 'Chemical Conflict' which strengthens broken bonds and assists in chemical damage.

In addition, 10% of Save Me From's net income is donated to organizations that offer support and prevention of suicide.