The Haider Ackermann Women's Line Combines Bold Cuts and Colors

During this year's Paris Fashion Week, Haider Ackermann women's line for the Sping/Summer 2017 season was unveiled.

The styles that were presented varied tremendously, however they stayed consistently edgy throughout -- with everything from vibrant neon colorways, glitter, leopard print, luxurious satin and much more making the material. Models sported Haider Ackermann women's line with spiked-up hairdos to add to the whole look and maintain a sense of consistency as well.

A few pieces and ensembles that especially stood out included a copper-colored crew neck made form metallic fabric that was tucked into a black skirt that was marked with two red sporty stripes that went down the hips. Also unveiled were a few white pieces which were splattered with red, giving them a slightly sinister appearance.