Wake and Wield with the 'Gun Shooting Alarm Clock'

 - Nov 26, 2010
References: usbgeek & 7gadgets
If you have unresolved anger issues, take them out on the 'Gun Shooting Alarm Clock' and not the rest of the world. A little torpid target practice with this gadget first thing in the morning won't hurt anyone.

Sold by 'USB Geek,' this aggressive riser rouses you from your passive sleeping state only to provoke your firing arm until you hit the target. Encouraging you when you do well (and I assume abusing you when you don't), the 'Gun Shooting Alarm Clock' counts down each shot on the display screen and plays a victorious tune once you've nailed the bull's-eye a few times. If this bedside clock doesn't wake you up, I don't know that will.