The Zuzanna Malinowska Green Lamp is Illuminating

The Zuzanna Malinowska Green Lamp blends two functions to create one ingenius product. The lamp was created by the Polish designer Zuzanna Malinowska, a graduate of Product Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Functioning as both a lamp and plant pot, the Green Lamp's frame allows for the plant to grow upwards. As Malinowska describes on her website, "depending on the moment of growth and shape of the plant, the lamp changes its character and the way it gives out light."

Aesthetically, the simple industrial frame is given life by the climbing plant, while the light shines down on it reminding it of the rays of the sun. The duality of the Zuzanna Malinowska Green Lamp makes this piece of decor the ultimate in versatility.