'YouLi' Enables Travel Organizers to Deliver the Perfect Trip

 - Dec 8, 2017
References: youlivetotravel
Group travel planning is always better when organizers don't have to chase down guest payments, manage trip logistics in spreadsheets, or respond to questions through numerous emails.

YouLi provides a multitude of group travel planning needs in one place: from itinerary planning and online payments, to secure checkout and waiver forms. It removes the need for building separate event pages, managing spreadsheets, manually adjusting itineraries, chasing down guests for payments or figuring out payment options.

YouLi helps users create their own customized event page that is launch-ready, with the ability to personalize itineraries for each traveler and to collect preferences for extra activities. The platform also helps users set email reminders to prompt guests to take action at the right times, and makes sure everyone knows what they need before they fly -- like waiver forms and visas. YouLi also lets users upload and share flight or hotel confirmations, and other travel documents, customize events with a brand logo, and set individual group prices.