The Groninger Museum Presents an Intriguing Contemporary Space

 - Jan 11, 2011   Updated: Aug 8 2011
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The Groninger Museum is a thoroughly modern institution with a design aesthetic to match.

With a decidedly modern approach to interior decoration, the Groninger Museum is both vibrant and futuristic, mainly due to a recent renovation that saw several new rooms added to the complex. This piece-by-piece approach has resulted in the Groninger Museum's various wings being purposefully diverse and varied, in order to create a veritable quilt-work of design styles and themes.

Implications - Over the last 17 years, almost 4 million people have visited the Groninger Museum, leaving behind the kind of wear and tear only almost 4 million people could. The museum has now be renovated by Antwerp's Studio Job. Designers Jaime Hayon and Maarten Baas have also been added. The real highlight of the renovation, though, is the Info Center by Hayon, which many believe is the coolest area in the new building. Look through our gallery to find out for yourself.