An Artist Was Inspired by Milk Ads and Created This Grisly Photo Shoot

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: cbc & petapixel
Inspired by a cross between milk splash photography and horror movies, Melissa Trotter created a grisly photo shoot of a "blood dress" that looks disconcertingly real.

The effect in the photograph was created by painting the model's body red and then throwing fake blood on her while taking photos so that she has the appearance of wearing a blood dress. The photographer's inspiration came from the process of milk splash photography in which models have milk thrown on them to appear as if they are wearing dresses made from milk. This gruesome twist on classic advertising is as interesting as it is unsettling.

While certainly unconventional, the grisly photo shoot puts a twist on a classic advertising technique and has sparked the interest of the Internet in the process.