Phones with Grip Force Can Save You in Tight Spaces

 - Oct 7, 2012
References: youtube
Grip force makes smartphones easier to navigate without having to physically tap or look at the screen.

One of Japan's leading carriers DoCoMo has developed the grip force technology so that smartphones can live up to their name. Although tempting, it's extremely dangerous to check your cell at stoplights or, even worse, in traffic and despite laws in certain countries prohibiting this, it doesn't seem to stop people. The Grip UI has touch sensors implanted around the edge of the phone. By simply gripping softer or harder at different areas on your mobile device, the phone will be able to sense which command you want it to perform. The phone processes the intensity of the grip within milliseconds but it's not overly sensitive so that it becomes hard to use.

DoCoMo is hoping to improve the technology of the Grip UI so that buttons can be completely eliminated so sleeker and cell phones can be produced.