Greg Dunn Uses Classic Style to Render Modern Discoveries

 - May 18, 2012
References: gregadunn & odditycentral
Looking at these Greg Dunn Sumi-e paintings, you’d be convinced they were centuries old, but that couldn’t possibly be the case as his muses are brain cells. That’s right, using an ancient Japanese rendering style commonly characterized by its depictions of temperament rather than physical appearance, Dunn illustrates neurons as they’d look under powerful microscopes. Dunn borrows from the Sumi-e style further by using photomicrographs only as references and painting neurons as he feels they should be presented, producing entirely original images.

Greg Dunn explains that painting neurons allows him to fuse his loves of art and science. Being an introspective person, he dwells a lot on his thoughts, so it’s only appropriate that he’d end up illustrating components that make up people’s brains.