Green Negligee is a Creative Solution to Enhancing Highrise Dwellings

 - Sep 8, 2012
References: epiphyte-lab & suckerpunchdaily
Clearly there are economic benefits to constructing apartment buildings in the same repetitive, simplistic and boxy sort of way, but at least the Green Negligee project proposes a means to dress up the drabness. This system is essentially an enormous net that's designed to be fastened to different parts of the edifice and slung down for anchoring in its natural surrounds.

This is the work of Kevin Pratt and Dana Cupkova of Epiphyte Lab as a suggestion for improving the look and the experience of living in community housing. Brick and concrete buildings are given a breath of life through these elaborate and mammoth mesh lattices that have been woven from a combination of artificial and organic vine-like materials. A Green Negligee offers unique vertical landscaping and the potential to integrate eco energy-harvesting apparatuses.