The Green Guardians Calendar 2011 is Whimsical

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: doocreative &
If you are still looking for the perfect date-keeper for this year, I suggest you look no further than the Green Guardians Calendar 2011. Guys will love it for the scantily clad Amazon-esque women who have embraced their innate wild side and women will like it for the exotic, nature-filled shoot that feature strong femininity.

Photographed by Suresh Natarajan, the Green Guardians Calendar 2011 was styled by Eugenie Burer with hair and makeup done by Sebastine Pepler. The shoot features models Lisa Maree Van Zyl, Jessica Lee Buchanan and Shayra Coser. It was produced by Kitisha Gaglani with post production done by Shilvasaparimalam.

The shoot is reminiscent of wild tribes or even unearthly wood sprites, making the Green Guardians Calendar 2011 a perfectly wild, whimsical piece.