This Giant Green Cube is the New Euronews Headquarters

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: jakobmacfarlane & vdoop
Paris-based architecture studio Jakob + Macfarlane designed this stunning lime green cube, which is now the headquarters of Euronews. The flamboyant structure resides on the waterfront to provide employees with stunning panoramic views of the Saône River in Lyon.

The side of the building facing the water contains two large circles that resemble eyes. These eyes, known as 'conical atria' are designed to encourage light to pass through and engulf the interior of the building. The building itself is made of a weather-resistant aluminum cladding. The dual layered outer shell mimics the strokes of a partially dampened paint brush.

While the large green cube is a surreal architectural design, the creators hope that it is the first of many buildings that will revamp the city's 'confluence district.'