Grass Tiles by Causas Externas Provide Lush Flooring for Apartment Dwellers

 - Jul 14, 2012
The difference between AstroTurf and these Grass Tiles by Causas Externas is astronomical. They bring life and lush atmosphere to outdoor spaces that the former can only pretend to promise. The fantastic thing about this floor treatment is that it's also completely portable, raking in points where real lawns and green carpeting fall short.

Measuring 40 by 40 centimeters with a depth of 10 centimeters, each shallow terracotta planter has a single hole in the center of its base. This is designed for a bit of drainage, enabling you to effectively install live squares of sod inside or potentially endeavor to sew grass seeds in soil from scratch. Requiring a healthy bit of watering and sunlight, these Grass Tiles by Causas Externas are ideal for decks, terraces and courtyards.