'Grammar Snob' Mimics a Teacher's Corrections in iMessage

 - Sep 19, 2016
References: itunes.apple & theverge
Text messaging is a lexical and syntactical wasteland, but snoots now have a chance to share their grammatical prowess in iMessage thanks to the new 'Grammar Snob' stickers available on iOS 10. The stickers automatically get placed directly over message bubbles in conversations, making it look like a smug elementary school teacher has corrected the message with that infamous red pen.

The Grammar Snob stickers include all of the classic markers for correcting grammar, like "X" marks, scribbled lines, superscript letter additions, strikethroughs and more. Beyond those markers, the sticker set also comes stocked with some of the most notoriously frustrating common errors in writing. These include word pairings like "it's vs its," "lose vs loose," "your vs you're," and "their vs there vs they're," to name a few.