Attitude Magazine January 2012 Presents 'Ten Jackets by Ten Artists'

James Dean would drop his jaw if he saw these graffitied jean jackets by Attitude Magazine, created for a feature aptly titled 'Ten Jackets by Ten Artists.'

Each jacket features art from a different street artist and the colors are crazy. These bad boys are dripping in bright shades of blue and pink while others have the faces of beautiful women on their backs. It's like each model is wearing a wall from a graffitied alley. All of the men also have slicked-back greaser hair with a bit of color in it as if they are part of the artwork.

These graffitied jean jackets would be something the ultra-awesome loner kid would wear while he makes his art on the side of a 7-11. So if you want to up James Dean by one, wear one of these creations from Ten Jackets by Ten Artists and be a super-rebel without a cause.