Gothic Lolita Battle Bear is Fun and Exceedingly Trippy

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: youtube & io9
Japan has come up with many strange things, and the movie Gothic Lolita Battle Bear is just the latest in a long line of odd movie concepts.

Gothic Lolita Battle Bear tells the story of a young lolita fashion enthusiast (lolita is a a fashion subculture very popular in Japan) who fuses with her pink, talking teddy bear to be a leather clad super heroine who fights off zombies with her fuzzy nun chucks.

While extremely bizarre and seemingly nonsensical, the film's silly tone and over-the-top atmosphere will ensure that audiences enjoy this cheesy, goofy, weird adventure. Gothic Lolita Battle Bear will undoubtedly be strange and unusual, but that's half the fun, much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show.