'Gorilla Bow' Offers an Intense Full-Body Workout

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: get.gorillabow
'Gorilla Bow' is a versatile piece of workout equipment that takes advantage of the shape and dynamism of a bow and arrow to give its users a complete fitness regime. Invented by Rhode Island-based fitness company Gorilla Fitness, the product combines a bow-like shape with modern resistance bands to offer several different workouts for people of all strength levels and fitness goals.

Though the traditional bow was invented as a weapon, anyone who has fired arrows from a recurve bow for an extended period of time knows that it takes a significant amount of strength in ones arms, chest, and back. By removing the weaponry and turning that concept into a piece of workout equipment, the Gorilla Bow harnesses those same muscle groups -- as well as the legs and core through other specialty exercises.