Discovering the Height of American Icons

 - Apr 18, 2009
References: google & trendhunter
After reading a recent article about the prospects of Abraham Lincoln having a rare genetic disorder that explains his tall height, I decided to do a search on Google to see just how tall the Ex-President was. I typed in "Abraham Lincoln height" and saw that the very first search result was, "Abraham Lincoln - Height: 6’ 3¾" (192 CM) According to..."

Wow. That was easy. Too easy, I thought. I tried another. This time,  Andre the Giant. My suspicions were confirmed as the very prominent result of 7 feet was displayed.

At first, this might not seem that cool, but when you think about it, Google is extracting information from web sites and serving up intelligent answers.

UPDATE: It also works on weight, whether they are married and to who (type ‘married’ after name), their hometown or place of birth (type in ‘hometown’ after name), and what nationality they are (type in ‘nationality’ after name).