Gelli Baff For Sticky Baths

 - Nov 25, 2007
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This is gross, but just the kind of thing every kid would love to play in. If you have trouble getting your little ones in the tub, Gelli Baff could just be your solution. The "goo former" is poured into the bath water and after about two minutes, a big sticky pile of neon goo is formed for your kid to smear around with.

Somehow this seems to defeat the purpose of taking a bath -- it looks like a post-tub shower would be necessary to actually gain the hygienic benefits of bathing. Fortunately, the site gives away a free bottle of Bubble Baff with every 4 pack of Gelli Baff.

As much as it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, the company reassures the goo "doesn't stain your towels, carpets or kids. After adding the second sachet just rinse away and you're good to go."

Ready to play?