Goldstar Uses Flow Chart to Outline Your Path to Beervana

 - Dec 21, 2008
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These hilarious ads for Goldstar beer use flow charts to outline the different steps in a woman’s night compared to a man’s. You’ll notice immediately how short a man’s path of enlightenment is compared to a woman’s.

In the first ad, our man and woman have a drink and need to go to the bathroom. A woman must wait in line and is presented with a number of perilous situations. A man, however, just uses the urinal. This ad was placed in bar restrooms.

In the second ad, hooking up is compared. As with the first ad, the male has a far easier time than the woman. The caption in both ads is simple: "Thank God you’re a man."

Sexist? Perhaps. Funny? Definitely.

The Goldstar beer ad campaign was created by the McCann Erickson ad agency in Tel Aviv, Israel. The creative director was Ido Ben Dor, the art director was Geva Gershon, and the copywriters were Asaf Zelikovich and Elad Gabison.