Industry Kitchen Boasts a Pizza Offering That Costs $2,000 USD

 - Aug 1, 2018
References: industry-kitchen & designtaxi
A golden pizza comes into existence thanks to New York City-based Industry Kitchen. In the heights of luxury, this food innovation features a squid ink-infused dough and toppings of 24 karat gold leaves, morsels of Ossetra caviar, sliced truffles, white Stilton cheese and France's "most expensive foie gras."

Appropriately dubbed the '24K Pizza,' this culinary creation definitely arises interest in both those who can afford it and those who cannot. It is inherently curious what the golden pizza tastes like. Is $250 USD per slice really worth it? 'Really Dough?' — a new segment from Thrillist, reveals the process of making the golden pizza at Industry Kitchen and provides a descriptive account of the taste of the luxe food creation.